"Make for an inclusive Asia through Para-sport."


"To lead the Paralympic movement in Asia, deliver successful and sustainable Asian Para Games and support the NPCs to enable para-athletes to achieve sporting excellence from grassroot to elite level."

The vision and mission were developed following the 22nd APC Executive Board meeting in July 2019 and were launched in December 2019 in conjunction with the APC’s new 2019-2022 Strategic Plan. With the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games in 2021 and 2022, along with the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games all taking place in the Asian region, this provides an excellent opportunity to achieve the objectives.


The values with which athletes with an impairment are associated with have been highlighted by the IPC as:

COURAGE – Para-athletes through their performances showcase to the world what can be achieved when testing your body to its absolute limits.

INSPIRATION – As role models, Para-athletes maximise their abilities, empowering and exciting others to be active and participate in sport.

DETERMINATION – Para-athletes have a unique strength of character that combines mental toughness, physical ability and outstanding agility to produce sporting performances that regularly redefine the boundaries of possibility.

EQUALITY – Through sport, Para athletes celebrate diversity and show that difference is a strength. As pioneers for inclusion, they challenge stereotypes, transform attitudes and break down social barriers and discrimination towards persons with disabilities. While adhering to the IPC values, APC has developed the following values which are specific for the region’s needs.

DIVERSITY – We celebrate and champion the many different and unique cultures that make our region so diverse.

SOLIDARITY – We recognise that through unity of purpose and supporting one another, no matter how big or small, our diversity becomes a huge strength.

SUSTAINABILITY – Everything that we do, we will ensure that it can be maintained, replicated and built upon so that the Paralympic Movement continues to grow and develop at pace in our region.


In achieving the Vision, APC has developed several Strategic Priorities which are summarised as:

    • Enhance the positive impact of the Paralympic Movement in Asia.

    • Improve the standard of the Asian Para Games and leave a legacy.

    • Drive a cultural shift through para sport for an inclusive Asia.

    • Strengthen APC and Asian Para Games brands.

    • Develop excellence in our organization operations and governance.

In achieving the Vision, APC has developed several Strategic Priorities which are summarised as: 

  • Increase the number of audiences during the Games.

  • Increase the number of international experts in the Region through the Games.

  • Greater gender parity across the region and more athletes from Asia competing at Paralympic Games.

  • Increase the number of qualified athletes, coaches, technical officials, classifiers and NPC staffs in the region.

  • Recognition of the role of Paralympic Movement and its Social impact and inclusion in Asia.

  • Increase the volume of media exposure and Social Media followers.

  • Develop close relationship with a number of key strategic partners (OCA, IFs and sponsors) to increase Games visibility and brand awareness, further co-operation and efficiencies in operational delivery and knowledge transfer.

  • Engage with APC members and stakeholders (broadcast, potential sponsors and governments) to activate audiences in the Games.

  • Encourage NPCs to engage Youth athletes actively in the Para Sport event and the Paralympic Movement.

  • Cultivate a generation of Paralympians and Para Athletes who act as ambassadors from Asia for the Paralympic Movement in the Region.

  • Foster networking, facilitation, collaboration among APC members.

  • Implement good governance and effective management in a transparent manner.

Please click on the following link to read a copy of the APC Strategic Plan 2019-2022

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