Sports activities, events mark Mongolia’s 4th Paralympic Day

By Mongolia NPC

The Mongolian Paralympic Committee observed its fourth Paralympic Day with a five-day long Para-sports Festival starting September 13-17, 2022.

As part of the celebration, competitions in four sports such as judo, athletics, goalball and sitting volleyball were held with a total of 490 athletes from 21 provinces and 9 districts competing in the festival. 

Minister of Physical Physical Culture and Sports Mr Badmaanyambyy Bat-Erdene and Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mrs Davaajantsan Sarangerel also took part in the Para-sports festival where they met and paid their respects to Paralympic athletes, coaches, and sports federation’s officials.

Sports Minister B. Bat-Erdene said, “The main objective in promoting Para-sports is to create a positive attitude in the society and motivate people’s enthusiasm. I really want to highlight the tireless work and dedication of the Paralympic athletes and coaches and would like to congratulate the NPC Mongolia on this day.”

Meanwhile, Minister D. Sarangerel added, “Sports are an integral part of a country and its development. The government is giving special importance to issues related to para-sports. The government of Mongolia will continue to pay attention to involving more disabled people in physical activities. The Ministry of Labor and Social Security will also greatly contribute to the work of producing talented athletes for the country.” 

During the gala ceremony at the National Paralympic Day, the athletes and coaches who achieved great achievements and performance were awarded the certificate of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the State Committee of Physical Culture and Sports.

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