Message from APC President Majid Rashedin the wake of the coronavirus outbreak

Dear NPCs and athletes,

On behalf of the Asian Paralympic Committee, I would like to offer my support to all the National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) and athletes at this very difficult time, as the world faces one of its greatest challenges in combatting the COVID 19 (coronavirus) virus.

Nearly every country in our region is affected and our thoughts are with everyone in the Asian Paralympic Family who has been personally impacted. Extraordinary measures are rightly being taken by governments to fight the virus and protect their citizens.

This is impacting on sport, with many events being cancelled and athletes’ training interrupted, but of course, this fight is bigger than sport and we must all unite to do everything we can to support it.

As you may have read, the IOC have announced that they are considering all options for the games, including postponement and will make a final decision in the next four weeks. The IPC fully support this decision – more information on the latest situation can be found on the IPC website here

Whilst all this disruption and uncertainty is unsettling and is undoubtedly causing much anxiety amongst our athletes, the most important thing is everyone’s health and keeping safe. My message to you and all your athletes is not to take risks, to follow the guidance of your government and the World Health Organisation in keeping safe.

By doing this and being united in our efforts, I am confident that we will get through this.

Together we are stronger.

Our Partners & Supporters