9 – 12 May 2015 
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The APC held its first Membership Gathering in May 2015, inspired by the IPC Gathering held in October 2015 in Berlin, Germany.

About 100 delegates, including NPCs representatives, members of the APC EB, World Academy of Sport and experts from different International and regional organisations met for 3 days to shape the future of the Paralympic movement in the Asian region.

The main goal of this event was to collect the feedback from APC members through brainstorming sessions and provide a framework for the APC Strategic Plan 2015-2018 , as stated by the APC President Mr. Majid Rashed in his opening speech:

The meeting aims to devote a culture of cooperation and partnership between the local Paralympic Committees, through the study of the economic and social reality, and shedding light on the obstacles and challenges they face in order to encourage those concerned, at continental and global levels, to provide the necessary support as per the requirements of each country.

The meeting concluded on 12 May with the endorsement of the Abu Dhabi Declaration by all APC members. The Declaration reads:

The National Paralympic Committees representatives who attended the 1st APC Gathering in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9-12 May 2015, unanimously declare their commitment to work in unity together with the APC Executive Board to aim to make Asia the best region in the Paralympic Movement

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