Majid Al Osaimi Meets With OCA President, He Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah

The president of Asian Paralympic committee Mr. Majid Al Osaimi has met the OCA President, HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah in Kuwait. The OCA President congratulated AL-Osaimi for being elected as President of the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) and expressed his confidence in the successful role that AL-Osaimi will lead.

HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah says, “The victory of Al Osaimi is a vote of confidence by the continental sports community in the achievements made by the UAE sports”. He added, “The high confidence reposed by the APC in Al Osaimi would spur him and his teamwork to spare no effort in developing the sports of the disabled persons”.

Mr. Majid Al Osaimi also thanked Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah for his loyal and generous support of the Olympic Movement in Asia through the OCA. He emphasized on the good cooperation between OCA and APC saying that, “We value the good relations and complete mutual understanding we have built with and working together, and naturally, count on them to become a good, solid foundation for our joint activities in the future”.

During his meeting Al Osaimi has elaborated the future planes between APC and OCA which will enhance sport industry in Asia region. He says, “The Olympic and Paralympic Games will demonstrate the value of international friendship and cooperation among the participating athletes and the countries they represent.

HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah commented on this saying that, “We believe in the legacy of the Paralympic Games, and it will promote the development of the Paralympic movement overall and help attract many individuals with disabilities to sports and active integration in society”.

HE Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al-Sabah says “we should cooperate together especially after the success of London 2012 Paralympics and 2014 Incheon Asian Paragames”. He described Para London 2012 Paralympics saying, “the greatest Paralympic Games ever” and with record crowds, numbers of broadcasters and athletes and countries taking part combined with record breaking performances from athletes”.

Al Osaimi concluded his meeting saying, “We all understand very well that the Paralympians’ sports competitions are not just an unbelievably captivating, amazing display. They are, first and foremost, clear evidence of the heights that individuals with disability can achieve, even when they find themselves in difficult life circumstances. The Paralympic and Regional Paragames Games are about ability, not disability – and are about what people can do, not what they can’t do”.

After the end of the meeting, the President of OCA invited Mr Majid to visit the headquarters of OCA in Kuwait city together with the huge commercial center of Olympia linked to it. He also suggested that APC BE holds one of their annual meetings in OCA headquarters in Kuwait in order to strengthen the relationship between both organizations and work closely together for the success of the forthcoming major Regional Events.

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