Asian Paralympic Committee Announces New Legal and Ethics Committee

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) has today announced the make-up of its new Legal and Ethics Committee (LEC), a committee which has been formed following a decision taken at the last APC Executive Board (EB) meeting in Riyadh in January.

The Committee will be chaired by APC Executive Board member Prof. Dr. Faisal Abdullah (Indonesia). Prof. Dr. Abdullah is also the representative of the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games on the APC EB. He holds a PhD in the Arts of Law, and has been practicing as a lecturer since 1988. His expertise and vast experience will be a great help for the APC and the Asian region in general.

Five appointments to the Committee have been made following a process whereby all APC members were asked to nominate suitable candidates. The successful nominees are:

  • Hussein Neaf Hatef, nominated by NPC Iraq
  • Yoshihiro Matsuda, nominated by NPC Japan
  • Suk Ho Seo, nominated by NPC Korea
  • Keng Chuan Ng, nominated by NPC Malaysia
  • Andy Yeo Kian Wee, nominated by NPC Singapore

The LEC will be responsible for providing advice to the APC Executive Board and Management team on any legal and ethical matters. It will also provide legal counsel to other APC Standing Committees, be involved in the review of constitutional documents, and oversee the election process at the APC General Assembly.

Majid Rashed, President of the APC, welcomed the formation of the new committee stating:

Sport is under scrutiny like never before and we are committed at the APC to uphold the highest standards and operate with complete transparency. Therefore, I’m delighted that we have formed the Legal and Ethics Committee and look forward to working with them as we enact our new Strategic Plan and build towards the Asian Para Games in Indonesia 2018.

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