Asian Paralympic Committee Agrees “Abu Dhabi Declaration” To Conclude Its First Gathering

The Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) organized their first APC Gathering over the past three days from 9 to 11 May hosted by the UAE Paralympic Committee in Abu Dhabi. At the conclusion of the Gathering the APC President, Mr Majid Rashed read the proposed Abu Dhabi Declaration which was unanimously agreed.

The Declaration reads “The National Paralympic Committees representatives who attended the 1st APC Gathering in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 9-11 May 2015, unanimously declare their commitment to work in unity together with the Board of the APC to aim to make Asia the best region in the Paralympic Movement.”

The Gathering brought together over 30 members of the APC to discuss its future direction and inform the drafting of its first strategic plan. In a similar format, and inspired by the IPC Gathering held in Oct 2014, the proceedings allowed for over 20 hours of facilitated discussion on key strategic areas that are essential for the future development of the APC. 

Mr Majid Rashed, President of the APC stated “Following my election late last year it was clear that we needed to quickly demonstrate the future objectives of the new Board to engage with the membership and establish transparency and clear communication.

“The Asian region is a diverse community which represents over half the world’s population. In order to achieve the many potential opportunities that exist in the region we must first work together, build trust and draft a strategic plan that reflects the wishes of the membership.

“I would personally like to thank Mr Mohammed Al Hameli, President UAE Paralympic Committee and IPC Board member for hosting this Gathering. I would also like to thank the APC Board for their support in the organization of the event and the membership for their focused discussion throughout the past three days. Finally our thanks is extended to the World Academy of Sport for their input in designing and running such an engaging successful programme.”

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