APC Anti-Doping and Tue Committee

Badrul Amini Abd Rasid, PhD
Chairperson, APC Anti Doping Sub-Committee

ACTIVITIES (2019-2022)

  • WADA Approved APC Anti-Doping Rule 2021 and renewed WADA Code Signatory in 2021
  • Testing Authority (TA) and Result Management Authority (RMA) for 4th Asian Youth Para Games Bahrain 2021 (no ADRV reported)
  • TA and RMA for the 11th Asean Para Games Solo 2022 (1 ADRV reported)
  • TA and RMA for the Asian Para Games Hangzhou 2023
  • Dr. Badrul presented a paper entitled APC Anti-Doping Rule 2021: ‘What Athletes Need to Know’ at the APC Athletes Forum 2-3 Dec 2020
  • Dr. Badrul was invited by National Anti-Doping Agency of India (NADA) to participate as a panelist to represent IPC and APC to the Inclusion Conclave for building Inclusion landscape in anti-doping 2 Dec 2022.

Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV) (click here for more details)

WADA Standards



(Testing Authority and Result Management Authority)

1.Anti Doping

To monitor all doping control stations daily and to report to AD Committee

2.TUE Committee (TUEC)

Medical personnel with TUE experience.

Shall handle the TUE, 1 month before the Opening of the Games. The TUE members will also be in the anti-doping team throughout the games.

3.Result Management (after the Games)

To handle athlete’s Adverse Analytical Findings (AAF) and Notice of Charge for ADRV cases.

APC Governance for Hangzhou 2022

  • Anti-Doping Agreement between APC and HAPGOC
  • Formation of Anti-Doping and TUE Committee for Hangzhou 2023
  • Appointment of Disciplinary/Hearing Committee
  • Approval of Draft Documents, Forms and Procedure
  • Approval of certified DCOs, BCOs and Chaperones
  • To receive Final Entry List for preparation of TDP
  • Anti-Doping/TUE Committee to monitor Out of Competition (OC) and In Competition (IC) throughout the games.
  • ONLINE Project Review between APC – HAPGOC
  • Prepare Test Distribution Plan
  • TUE Committee to approve TUE applications within three weeks before the games start.
  • APC shall be the Testing Authority (TA) and Result Management Authority (RMA)

HAPGOC Operations

  • HAPGOC’s Agreement with APC
  • Preparation of ADAMS Data Entry
  • To inform all NPCs to submit TUE application to APC one month before the games start
  • To name WADA Accredited Lab
  • Prepare Hangzhou 2023 Doping Control Guide
  • Doping Control and related forms
  • Submit to APC LDCO DCO, BCO, Chaperone lists
  • Athlete Outreach Programme

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