All Set for IPC General Assembly • Athens, Greece 23-24 Nov

The International Paralympic Committee 2013 IPC General Assembly will take place from 23-24 November in Athens, Greece.

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the IPC which meets every two years. It last met in December 2011 in Beijing, China, and the last elections took place in 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On Sunday 24 November elections for the IPC Governing Board will also take place in a closed session.

Asia will have 7 contenders, vying to be among the 10 Members at Large which include incumbent Dato Zainal Abu Zarin, President of APC as well as NPC Malaysia. Asian candidates for the elections are as follows:

  1. Dato Zainal Abidin Abu Zarin (MAS – NPC Malaysia)
    2. Mohamed Alhameli (UAE – NPC United Arab Emirates)
    3. Masoud Ashrafi Khozani (IRI – NPC Iran)
    4. Michael Barredo (PHI – IBSA)
    5. Kyung-won Na (KOR – NPC Korea)
    6. Yasushi Yamawaki (JPN – NPC Japan)
    7. Jia Yong (CHN – NPC China)

All IPC members – consisting of National Paralympic Committees, International Sport Federations, International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs) and Regional Organisations – will be invited to elect one President, one Vice President and 10 Members at Large.

Up for election will be the positions of IPC President, Vice President and 10 Members at Large.
In the elections, there are 29 nominations for 27 candidates – two for President, two for Vice President and 25 for Member at Large positions.

The Governing Board will consist of one President, one Vice President and 10 Members at Large. In addition Todd Nicholson, Chairperson of the IPC Athletes’ Council and Xavier Gonzalez, IPC Chief Executive Officer, are ex-officio members of the Governing Board.

The nominees for all roles, listed in alphabetical order, are as follows (Nationality and nominating body in brackets):

For IPC President (one to be elected)
* Sir Philip Craven (GBR – NPC Great Britain)
* Alan Dickson (GBR – CPISRA)

For IPC Vice President (one to be elected)
* Ann Cody (USA – NPC USA)
* Andrew Parsons (BRA – NPC Brazil)

For IPC Members at Large (10 to be elected)
* Zainal Abidin Abu Zarin (MAS – NPC Malaysia)
* Mohamed Alhameli (UAE – NPC United Arab Emirates)
* Masoud Ashrafi Khozani (IRI – NPC Iran)
* Michael Barredo (PHI – IBSA)
* Prof. Jose Luis Campo (ARG – NPC Argentina)
* Ann Cody (USA – NPC USA)
* Abass Ben Djobo (TOG – NPC Togo)
* Rita van Driel (NED – NPC Netherlands)
* Monday Ochuko Emoghavwe (NGR – NPC Nigeria)
* Ali Harzallah (TUN – NPC Tunisia)
* Anne d’leteren (BEL – NPC Belgium)
* Patrick Jarvis (CAN – NPC Canada)
* Duane Kale (NZL – NPC New Zealand)
* Ratko Kovacic (CRO – NPC Croatia)
* Vladimir Lukin (RUS – NPC Russia)
* Jairus Mogalo (KEN – NPC Kenya)
* Kyung-won Na (KOR – NPC Korea)
* Andrew Parsons (BRA – NPC Brazil)
* John Petersson (DEN – NPC Denmark)
* Dr. Karl Quade (GER – NPC Germany)
* Leonel da Rocha Pinto (ANG – NPC Angola)
* Miguel Sagarra (ESP – NPC Spain)
* Wesley Worrell (BAR – NPC Barbados)
* Yasushi Yamawaki (JPN – NPC Japan)
* Jia Yong (CHN – NPC China)

Further details about November’s IPC General Assembly can be found

The winners will be announced during the press conference on 24th Nov, following the elections at around 18:00 local time.

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