1st Asian Paralympic Gathering Opens In Abu Dhabi

The 1st Asian Paralympic Gathering 2015 organized by the Asian Paralympic Committee (APC) and hosted by the UAE Paralympic Committee got underway at the capital’s Yas Viceroy Hotel. In all, over 100 delegates from member Asian National Paralympic Committees as well as representatives of the International Paralympic Committee and sports institutions are taking part in the three-day event.

“I extend sincere thanks and appreciation to the UAE Paralympic Committee, the host of this event, for their distinguished efforts in supporting and developing the Paralympic movement on the various regional; continental and international levels,” said Majid Rashed, President, APC.

Apart from the various workshops, seminars and discussions, one of the main objectives of this gathering is to develop a new strategy for the APC and provide a better platform for the differently-abled athletes from the region.

Al Rashid was also of the view that the gathering would provide all the representatives an opportunity to speak about their apprehensions and expectations.  

“Paralympic Sport is to prove one’s self-confidence and strengthen one’s will power to convert the impossible into reality. The importance of this conference is that it is the first step towards developing a new strategy for the work of the APC,” said Rashed, adding that, the APC’s new elected board of directors was taking this as an opportunity to commit themselves to unite their efforts in developing a new strategy.

APC will support the local committees and help them to improve their performances and fulfill the requirements and aspirations of their athletes.“The meeting aims to devote a culture of cooperation and partnership between the local Paralympic Committees, through the study of the economic and social reality, and shedding light on the obstacles and challenges they face in order to encourage those concerned, at continental and global levels, to provide the necessary support as per the requirements of each country,” added Rashed.

The APC will be looking forward to benefiting from international experiences in the areas of supporting the Paralympic Committees not only in the sports context, but also in areas related to the working and management of these committees; particularly with regards to finance management that is a concern among developing countries and the newly-joined nations with Paralympic sports.

“We hope to be able to integrate into the global vision for developing Paralympic sport, and improve the performance of the Asian committees in order to bring it to the levels of competition with other continental committees,” said Rashed.

Mohammed Mohammed Fadel Al Hamli, President of UAE Paralympic Committee, speaking on the occasion said: “We are honoured to be the host of this important event, and we hope to do our part assigned to us in the support of the Paralympic movement on the regional, continental and international levels, believing in the importance of sport in giving the differently-abled persons the opportunity to prove that the force of will can do the impossible.”

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